An Update On Generator Express

18th December 2016

It's been around 3.5 years since I first created the Yeoman Express Generator, I've just completed updating it to use Yeoman 1.0 which was just released, and thought I'd share an update.

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Simple Git Push Deploy with Git 2.3

22nd February 2015

Updated for Git 2.4: There have been some improvements to push-to-deploy in Git 2.4, and I've updated the article below. Read more about Git 2.4

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Modular JavaScript with Browserify

19th January 2014

In an effort to write more articles, I will be writing more about libraries, tools and cool stuff that I have tried out recently. One of those things is Browserify, over the holidays I decided to start a HTML5 game development course, I thought this would be a great opportunity to also try out browserify and I found it to be a great way to modularise my code. This article will cover installation and getting started with writing modular front-end code through browserify.

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LeedsHack 2013

17th August 2013

LeedsHack is a hack day in which designers, developers and creatives team up to compete to win different challenges set out by sponsors. This was the 4th ever LeedsHack and my 2nd; I attended the 2012 LeedsHack which went fairly badly for my team - by the end of the first day, after about 8 hours of hacking we had no product and so I broke off the next day and created catfacts in an hour or 2. This years hack however went slightly better . . .

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Yeoman Express Generator

18th July 2013

Yeoman is a tool for scaffolding out a new web application, creating directories and files to get you started on your latest project. What makes yeoman different from similar tools however is that it champions a modern workflow through the use of Grunt for building and testing the application, and Bower for installing client-side dependencies.

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